Atlanta Irish Dance by Burke Connolly Class Feis

Friday, September 6th 5:30PM

Atlanta Irish Dance Studio

2219 Faulkner RD, NE Atlanta, GA 30324

Start time: 5:30PM Doors open at 4:30PM


All participants will go home with a prize. There will be no placement among the Burke Connolly students for the class feis. The judge will provide constructive comments for dancers to work on for future feisanna and major championships.

Available Competitions:

Beginners - Advanced Beginner (Choose 1 or both)

  • Competition 101 - Reel (2 Steps)

  • Competition 102 - Light Jig (2 Steps)

Novice - Prizewinner (Choose 1 or both)

  • Competition 201 - Reel (2 Steps)

  • Competition 202 - Treble Jig (2 Steps)

Preliminary - Open Champions (Choose 1 Soft Shoe & 1 Hard shoe Dance)

  • Competition 301 - Reel (3 Steps)

  • Competition 302 - Slip Jig (3 Steps

  • Competition 303 - Hornpipe (3 Steps)

  • Competition 304 - Treble Jig (3 Steps)

Ceili (Team) Competitions

  • Competition 401 - 4-Hand Team

  • Competition 402 - 8-Hand Team

Register for the Class Feis by selecting your type of entry below:

Class Feis Schedule

  • 4:30PM - Doors Open

  • 5:30PM - Competition Begins

    • Order of Events:

      • Competition 401 - 4-Hand Teams

      • Competition 402 - 2-Hand Teams

      • Competition 101 - Beginner/Advanced Beginner Reels

      • Competition 201 - Novice/Prizewinner Reels

      • Competition 102 - Beginner/Advanced Beginner Light Jigs

      • Competition 202 - Novice - Prizewinner Treble Jigs

      • Competition 301 - Preliminary - Open Champion Reels

      • Competition 302 - Preliminary - Open Champion Slip Jigs

      • Competition 303 Preliminary - Open Champion Hornpipes

      • Competition 304 Preliminary - Open Champion Treble Jig

    • Prizes Awarded


  1. What is a Feis?

    • A Feis, pronounced “fesh” is an Irish dance competition typically hosted by an Irish Dance school or Irish organization.

  2. What is the difference between a typical “Feis” and a “Class Feis”?

    • A typical Feis is open to all dancers from any Irish dance school. A Class Feis is only open to dancers from the school that is hosting. For example our Class Feis is only open to Atlanta Irish Dance students.

  3. Who can compete at a Class Feis?

    • Any dancer who is currently registered with Atlanta Irish Dance. This includes beginner dancers.

  4. Where is the Class Feis?

    • The Class Feis will be held at the Atlanta Irish Dance Studio.

  5. When is the Class Feis?

    • The Class Feis will be held at 5:30PM on Friday September 6th.

  6. What should my dancer wear to the Class Feis?

    • Beginners - Advance Beginners - Please wear a School Dress or Beginner Skirt if you have them, if not wear a “Pre-Costume

    • Novice - Prizewinner - Please wear a School Dress or Beginner Skirt if you have them, if not wear a “Pre-Costume

    • Preliminary - Open Champion - Please wear your Solo dress if you have them, if not wear “Black-out” costume.

    • Teams - Please wear your School Dress or Beginner Skirt if you have them, if not wear “Black-out” costume.

  7. Does my dancer need to wear make-up/wig/tanner?

    • No Make-up, wigs or tanner please.

  8. Will there be placements? winners?

    • No, dancers will be giving constructive comments and every dancer will receive a prize.

  9. What dances should my child enter?

    • Please see “Feis-Levels Explained” or simple select “Not Sure - Teachers will place students appropriately” when you register.

  10. Can I help with the Class Feis?

    • YES! Please see our Sign Up Genius HERE.