OUR PARADE FLOAT: The Story of the Giant's Causeway

Our Parade Float is inspired by the Story of Finn McCool and the Giant's Causeway! 

Enjoy the FOLKLORE, learn the SCIENCE behind it, and WATCH our time-lapse video of the build-out BELOW! 



Finn McCool was a handsome giant living in Ireland.

Finn fell in love with a giantess named Oonagh who lived on a rocky isle across the Irish Sea. Trouble was, Finn could not swim!  But he needed to reach his beloved!

Finn gathered columns of rock- each 6-sided, flat-topped and weighing 10 tons. He stood on the shore and tossed those columns, one by one, into the sea.

And soon enough, there was a path of stones all the way from Finn's home on the Irish Antrim coast to Oonagh's isle—that we now call the Giant's Causeway.

Finn & Oonagh were married, and had a son, a lad named Ossian.  When Ossian grew up, he left home to among the fairies. Oonagh and Finn were sad to see him go, but everyone near and far could still hear  Ossian singing late into the night with his new fairy friends and they knew how happy he was!


Did you know?  The Giant's Causeway is over  60-million-years-old and is located in Antrim, Ireland!

The Giant’s Causeway is the aftermath of a volcanic eruption- Lava came crashing down, burning and cooling to create over 40,000 hexagonal columns, all interlocked!  The causeway stretches 4 miles (6 km) along of the northern coast of Northern Ireland

What a remarkable natural wonder!




Our students and families had a BLAST building and decorating our float for the parade! 

This is just one of the awesome memory making events we have each year!  Want to join in on all the fun?  Check out our OPEN HOUSE, Saturday, March 24th 10AM -12PM!