New Studio Fundraiser

We still need your help!

With just a little over a week until the doors officially open, we're ramping up our fundraising efforts with a campaign to help get everything we need in place at the new studio for the fall session. So many of you have already been enormously generous, and we're hoping to inspire more giving with some creative new ways below, as well as some friendly competition. A donation at any level is a wonderful way to support your dancer, a loved one or friend that loves Irish dance and finds the Studio a special place.

And for those who participate, the Giving Tree will be our way of giving public recognition to all Atlanta Irish Dance donors. Located at the new studio entrance, the Giving Tree will be viewed by all families and visitors to our studio. A big shout out to those donors who have already 'made' the Giving Tree List (see below). We're also keeping track below on the class level participation percentages so you can keep up with those totals, too.

New Studio Fundraising Campaign


1. Giving Tree Wish Items: Scroll below to choose an item to donate. If there is an item for which you may have a connection to get a donation, please contact us directly!

2. Dance Level Donation: Consider giving based on your dance level. Level 1 ($75) Level 2 ($125) Level 3 ($175) Level 4 ($200) Level 5 ($250) Scroll past the giving tree to select the donation amount based on class levels.

3. Go Fund Me: If you would like to give at another level that is not listed, you can do so through our Go Fund Me page here: GO FUND BC STUDIO.

4. Photoshoot with Tami! See details below!

5. Grand Opening Commemorative Print - Get your own print on archival paper of the Irish country side of Toormakeady, signed by artist. Melissa Sims. Order yours today (Below). Limited Quantities.

THE CONTEST! We are having a friendly competition between the classes based on the percentage of participation, so every little bit counts! The class level winning with the highest level of participation will get an Ice Cream Party AND a chance to win a FREE Private Lesson!

Giving Tree


From the Giving Tree you can choose from various items that our dance families would LOVE to have:

Vanity Stool for Changing rooms

This contribution will cover the entire cost of 1 stool for the changing room. We need 2 stools.

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This will cover a portion of the cubby system. We need 2 cubbys.

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Bar Stools

We need 6 bar stools. This contribution will cover one stool.

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This contribution will cover a portion of the cost to buy a bench. We are need one bench for the lobby.

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Changing Room Curtains
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Trash Cans

This contribution will cover a portion of the trash can cost. We need 6 large trash cans.

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Coffee Table

This contribution will cover the entire purchase of the coffee table. We only need 1 coffee table for the lobby.

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5' of Ballet Bars

This purchase will cover 5’ of ballet bars. We would like to have 40’ total

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1.2' of additional Mirrors

We are hoping to add 24’ of additional mirrors. 1.2’ of mirrors = $150 mostly due to labor of installing.

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Baby Changing Table

This contribution will cover the entire cost to purchase this item.

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We are hoping to have 16 chairs. This donation will purchase 4 chairs.

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This contribution will cover 1 of the 2 desired chandeliers for the lobby.

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Sofa - Corporate Sponsor

If you have a contact for a corporate sponsor please contact us at We only need 1 sofa for the lobby.

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Contribute Other Amount

Dance Level Competition!

The competition is ON! We will be updating this weekly with the new percentages! This will be based on participation, not amount. Every little bit helps!

Class Participation Percentage

Suggested Donations by Class Level:

Level 1 Donation
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Level 2 Donation
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Level 3 Donation
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Level 4 Donation
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Level 5 & 6
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Thank You to those who already donated!

Karen Dillard

Sinead Quinn

Cassie Lassiter

Anna Elmore

Brooke Grey

Katie Shahriari

Katie Ford

Karen Burns

Lauren Howard

Mary Seavey

Marie Hughes

Ellen Maturen

Kristin Parker

Amanda Curran

Lauren Leary

Sharon Holness

Patrick & Steffanie O’Neill

Emily Thomas

Gerri Minerva

Justin Bevington

Alison Gordon

Lana Peters

Michael Canavan

Megan Treadwell

Anna Elmore

Heather Kaufman

Timothy Baxter

Maya Powers

Diana Dersch

Caitlin Kelly Rathe

Denise Williams

Cynthia Nurmi

Tanya Myers

Tami Ross

Book your keepsake photo session today to support the new studio for Atlanta Irish Dance!

As we announced over our Facebook and Instagram Live announcement, Level 6 parent Tami Ross has generously offered to take professional photos of your dancer as a keepsake in her or his Atlanta Irish Dance costume or solo dress/vest! All proceeds will be donated to the studio fundraising campaign. Participants will receive recognition on the Giving Tree and in the class participation competition. Check out some of the first photos coming in from the initial session below.

The first rounds of photos can be booked for August, 9th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 30th & 31st. Additional dates and times may be added later in the month based on demand.

Click on image below to add the photoshoot to your cart! Once the initial payment is received, you will receive a link to choose your session date and time, as well as additional logistical details.

  • The cost is $75 per 30-minute session.

  • The cost includes 2 digital images of your choice from the final set provided (4 to 5 maximum).

  • Any additional photo downloads from the final set will be a $5 per download fee.

  • The session can be booked for an individual dancer or a group of dancers. NOTE: Any group sessions booked will only include photos of the group of dancers together.

  • Only one costume or dress is allowed per session. If a dancer would like costume shots and casual shots, please consider booking two sessions. Shoe changes are allowed within one session.

  • All photos will be taken in Piedmont Park. Best locations have already been scouted and directions on where to meet the photographer will be sent in the confirmation email. Locations within the park will vary by date and best light available.



Grand Opening Commemorative Print

Get your own print on archival paper of the Irish country side of Toormakeady, signed by artist. Melissa Sims. Order yours today by clicking on the image below to add to your cart. Limited Edition.