Shoes & Socks:

There are 3 different ways you can buy shoes for your first Irish Dance class:

New Irish Dance Shoes:

      **Remember these are UK sizes-- check the sizing guides!

Used Irish Dance Shoes:

Check out our Used Shoe Bin at the Studio!

USED SHOE FORUM - A great forum devoted to buying and selling used Irish Dance Shoes. It's a great place to find used hard shoes (sometimes called "heavy shoes") Remember that these shoes are European Sizes and since they are used they may already be stretched out.

Irish Dance Music:

Many of you have asked for a good place to download Irish Dance Music to use for practicing at home. Beginner dancers need to have the essential tunes at the correct speed so that they can get accustomed to the music and tempo for dancing at shows and competitions.

FREE:  Burke Connolly has a SPOTIFY account.  Simply log into you own free account, follow our public playlists and access FREE practice music!

PURCHASE:  If you want music on your own device, we recommend Beginners download this album:

"Change Your Shoes" - by Gerry & Seamus.

Gerry & Seamus are renowned Irish dance musicians specializing in all aspects of Traditional Irish Dance music, catering for Irish dancers of all levels and lovers of the music.

Other Music Options:

If you would like to download more music from different sources, as beginners be sure that you have:

- Easy, Beginner or Single Reel
- Light Jig
- Slip Jig
- Traditional Treble Jig
- Traditional or Fast Hornpipe

Here are some other well know Irish Dance Musicians:

Mark Arrington
Dean Crouch

For CD's from Various Artists:

Rutherford Products

Competition Information:

North American Feis Commission - Where you can find competition schedules, etc.

FeisWorx - A one stop shop for registration to feis and feis results and photos.

Southern Region - Where you can find the latest news from the Southern Region of Irish Dance.

Costume Info:

Prime Dress Designs

Taylor Dress Designs

Eire Dresses

Doire Dress Designs

Siopa Rince


The Buddy O'Reilly Band - A local Atlanta Irish Band. The Burke Connolly Academy frequently dances with them.

The Bordercollies -  Another Super fun and Lively Irish Band that the Burke Connolly Dancers love to perform with!

Sinséar - A young Irish band that loves traditional music.  Burke Connolly has had so much fun dancing with these talented musicians!