What’s in My Irish Dance Bag?

A new Irish dancer’s guide to what to bring & wear to an Irish dance class!

Your Dance Bag should give you quick access to everything you need at class. Champ dancer Campbell shares a few essential items our NEW BEGINNERS need :)


 §     WATER. We dance non-stop the entire class period.  Our dancers need plenty of water!  Sport drinks are not permitted unless dance time exceeds 90 minutes. Please, no glass bottles!

 §     WHITE SOCKS, PLEASE! Dark/Multicolored socks keep us from being able to see the arch of the foot and are a distraction in class. "Poodle Socks" are the traditional Irish Dance Socks that should be worn in class by girls.  Boys wear any white athletic socks at class, but black dress socks for performances!

 §     BURKE CONNOLLY T-SHIRT & FITTED BOTTOMS. Be sure to wear your School Shirt you get at your first class, and pack the right bottoms!  We need to be able to see the dancer's knees.  Shorts or tight leggings are perfect! No jeans, dresses, or loose fitting bottoms. Don’t have a school shirt yet? Any fitted fitness top or t-shirt will work!

 §     HAIR should be tied back and away from the face.  Be sure to pack hair ties!

 §     DANCE SHOES.  Beginner gilrs need "Soft Shoes" aka "Ghillies" and Boys need "Boys Soft Shoes" aka "Boys Reel Shoes". 

 Soft shoes are part of the traditional Irish dance costume and students are encouraged to order them as soon as possible. **For the first class students can wear old dance shoes (ballet or jazz) or white socks!

 If you’re ready to buy shoes & socks, see THIS BLOG POST for links to purchase!

It’s That Simple!  Once you have your Irish dance bag together, Get ready for some FUN! See you in Class!