We challenge ALL OF OUR DANCERS to a 30 Day Practice Challenge! 

It’s Turn it UP November!!

We are only 3 WEEKS out from the Feis ATL and 5 WEEKS away from the Southern Region Oireachtas!  

The CHALLENGE: If ALL dancers in a class practices at home 3 days a week in shoes & to music we will have an Ice Cream Social in that class!

How long should a practice be?

Levels 1 & 2: Take your child's grade at school and multiply by 5!  (Eg. Kindergarten or 1st grade: 1x5 = 5mins a day!) 
Level 3: 20-30 mins a day
Level 4: 35+ mins a day (big focus on Traditional Set & "walking skips")
Level 5 & 6: At least 1 hour

How will I keep track?

Your child will receive a PRACTICE WORKSHEET at Class. They will get to color in 1 shamrock for each time they dance a step with 5 GOOD repetitions of a move or dance. :)

What else?

Please send us photos and videos of your dancer in action! We love to pump eac hother up with images of our hard working students!