Ordering Costumes

Our Beginner Skirts, Embroidered Leotards, Capes & Headbands!


New Costumes can only be Ordered Twice a Year: In January & September

NOTE: Costumes are not mandatory for beginners. If you are not ready to purchases a costume, please read about our PRE-Costume HERE.

Our Costumes are HAND MADE & Tailored to your child. You will measure your child and submit the measurements electronically. It is easy! Details on Measuring & Ordering below!

Pricing From Dressmaker HERE


Girls have 3 options:

  1. Beginner Zipper Skirt Costume (Skirt, Cape & Embroidered Leotard);

    • NOTE: we have a leotard FIT KIT at the studio. Please try on the leotards to find your size.

  2. School Dress Costume; or

  3. The PRE-Costume (ALL BLACK) (Read about it HERE.)

    Girls also need to Order a Headband. Headbands are handmade.  Please e-mail  Mary Morley at to order. Ask for a Burke Connolly School Headband.

Boys also have several options:


• Lime Green Tie or Bow-tie; and

• Black Dress Pants, Black Dress Shirt & Black Dress Socks

Pricing From Dressmaker is HERE


Use these Links to order. The links contain the list of measurements you need & helpful photos!

Pricing From Dressmaker is HERE

Need some help with measuring your child?  We're here to help!

  1. Measure your child at home  before coming to class & write down measurements

  2. Bring your measurements & a tape measure to class.

  3. Your child should wear fitted  Tank & Shorts to class for measurements.  Do not wear leggings or bulky clothing.

Parents, due to time constraints, please MEASURE your child at home and take necessary pictures.  We will VERIFY measurements in class.

Our School Dresses & Headband

Our School Dresses & Headband

Our Boy’s Vest Costume with a bow tie!

Our Boy’s Vest Costume with a bow tie!

The Beginner "FEIS LOOK"



Girls have 3 options:

  1. Burke Connolly Beginner Skirt Costume (Skirt, Shawl & Embroidered long-sleeved Leotard);

  2. Burke Connolly Dress Costume; or

  3. ALL BLACK (The PRE-Costume) - Black long-sleeved Leotard & Black Opaque Skirt that hits 3-4” above the knees.

Poodle Socks- champion ankle length only!! No tall socks :) Click HERE to order. Use Code BURKECONNOLLY for 10% off!

Boys also have several options:

• Main Costume: Black Dress Pants (flat front), Black Dress Shirt & Black Dress Socks

• Lime Green Tie (HERE)or Bow-tie (HERE)

• Burke Connolly Vest (Optional Add-on for beginners)



Girls’ hair should be curled. You can curl hair naturally or purchase a wig.

NATURAL CURLS: Curl hair using sponge rollers or pin curls. HOW TO VIDEO on curling Hair with sponge rollers.

  • Start with DRY hair

  • Use SMALL sections of hair (The smaller the section of hair, the tighter the curl!)

  • Use Mousse (they don’t in the video. That will not hold!)

  • Do not twist the hair before rolling into the curler. That’s a different look.

  • Sleep in curlers overnight.

  • Take all curlers out the following morning.

    • DO NOT brush the curls out.  They should be tight.

  • Put hair in half pony tail, creating volume at front of head

  • Separate each curl into 3 smaller curls

  • Spray with aerosol hairspray

WIGS: Please talk with your teacher about which wig is preferred, as styles change.

HAIR ACCESSORIES: Burke Connolly Headband.  Ask your teacher for the contact (orders take several weeks to Fill!!)

  • Note: Bows are permitted on beginner dancers ages 6 and under ONLY.

Boys hair should be Clean and Neat and remain out of the eyes while dancing.


Beginner & Advanced Beginners:

NO make-up is permitted on Beginners under the age of 12.

Light make-up, consisting of light blush, lipstick or lip gloss, and neutral basic eye make-up (no crazy colors like blue!) may be worn on Beginners ages 12 & Over.